Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Week Ahead

Our upcoming week is packed with insane goodness.

2 VBS programs in 1 week. A field trip for 1 child, and the possibility of a beach day (if momma can swing it) for the other. And a meeting for planning our homeschool support group smack dab in the middle. Add a baby that can crawl anywhere, and you have my week! We are taking the week off from school.

Monday: VBS morning. VBS evening. (Probably some laundry, book reading, and game playing in the afternoon.)
Tuesday: VBS morning. VBS evening. More of the same in between.
Wednesday: VBS morning. Homeschool support planning in the afternoon. (Hopefully we'll land at home for 1-2 hrs sometime after this). VBS evening.
Thursday: 7yo going on a bus for her AWANA field trip (bus leaves at 9am). VBS morning (starts at 9 - hmm, thinking the 9yo will be late). Beach day is at 12 (may or may not stop by - so far, though, I'm thinking "no"). Pick 7yo up from field trip. VBS evening.
Friday: VBS morning. VBS evening. Yay, we made it!
Saturday: don't know, but will probably want to stay home.

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