Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Review May 3-7

Reviewing multiplication facts & strategies. Going thru Math Mammoth Add/Sub 3. Did 2 Paragraph Editing pages this week, and wrote a thank you note to the ballet. Did Hamlet quotes in Familiar Quotations (watched Hamlet & now the quotes make sense!).

Skip counting by 4s & 4s facts. Going thru MM Add/Sub 3 (but slower pace, & just started this week). Did 2 pages in English (subjects & predicates). Did Isaiah - Lamentations quotes in Familiar Quotations.

Reading a book about Mammals for science.
Read about William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, Walter Raleigh, & Newfoundland in History this week.
Watched Hamlet (modern clothing rendition with David Tennant, aka Dr Who, as Hamlet) and had a good time quoting Hamlet this week.
Watched Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (comedy based on Hamlet - lots of gems here: science discoveries, grammar, and philosophy).
Practiced skip counting by 2's to 200, 4's to 40, and 5's to 200 this week all while tossing a bean bag to each other. The kids really enjoy doing this, and it's solidifying those math facts!
We did 2 art projects this week from How to Teach Art to Children.
Went to Cinco de Mayo celebration, learned why we celebrate it (a small bit of Mexican/French history). Left early because the 7yo had a stomach ache, and the 9yo learned that she needs to be kind, not selfish, when Mom has her hands full & when lil sis isn't feeling well (the lesson came with a price, unfortunately).

Georgyana (baby):
As long as she is half naked on carpet, she can rise up on hands & knees, and rock back & forth, and bring her knees up in one "crawl" (there she gets stuck, lol). She can scoot her bum in a circle. She is starting to enjoy eating meals with us at the table (not sure how much she is eating) - gave her pieces of egg, cheese, & ground turkey meat, also some bready type things.


Moonbeam said...

It sounds like a lovely week. We did counting by 10s while jump roping this week. There's something about keeping rhythm and counting that makes it all click.

Karen said...

Terrific week Hamlet is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

WildIris said...

I don't know why, but I would never have thought to watch Rosencranzt & Guildenstern Are Dead along with Hamlet with kids so young. What a lovely week!