Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Review 5/24-28

On Tuesday, we went to the Animal Sanctuary. It is not a zoo, it is a place for unwanted and mistreated animals. It has 140 acres and between 200 and 250 animals. Many of the animals were either products of breeding (breeders didn't get the desired results), used for photo opportunities, and performances (several famous animal actors here!) We were much closer to the animals than we would've been at a zoo. These photos were taken by Lisa (thanks!) because I forgot my camera that day. The kids enjoyed tossing marshmallows to the bears.

On Thursday was the clothing swap and we also made this an All Summer Clothes Day. The kids surprised me by sorting through 5 bags of clothes to donate to the clothing swap. We picked up about 2 bags of stuff for us (not much selection there for our sizes, this time). Then we hit K-Mart (swim-suits and sandals), my dad's house (visit and pick up outdated bread dropped off from a friend), the Vegetable Market (tomato plants for our garden), and Salvation Army (shorts for the girls, shirts for the baby).

Friday was Park Day, and a trip to the store for odds & ends (like toilet paper). We also picked up flip-flops from the dollar store for Z (the 7yo).

The girls worked on multiplication facts. Once Z learns her 3's, we'll all be rewarded with a trip out for ice cream.

The baby is crawling everywhere. Tooth # 6 erupted this week (mid top right). I think she's saying "doggy" and terrorizing "doggy". But some days, I think she is calling everything "doggy". She can roll from a crawl to a sit. With all the pressure on her belly, she's puking constantly. I spend more time wiping puke, wiping more puke, and then pulling floor-nasties out of her mouth (which she ingested while I was cleaning up baby puke). She has also discovered her shrieking voice as a means of getting attention. The fun begins...

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Dee said...

Hi Wee Pip!

Can you believe your comment didn't show up on my bloggy dashboard until today (it was from May 6th). I don't know how I overlooked it. I'm so sorry.

I really like your idea of just pulling out the pages that are of importance, the real basic math and concentrating on those.

It has taken me some time to realize just how important those basic math facts are before being able to move on to more conceptual maths.