Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Review 5/10-14

We all had colds this week and weren't feeling well.

On Wednesday, the kids went to a class at the nature center. The 7yo's class was about water. The 9yo's class was about animal adaptations around water. They went on a trip to the creek and scooped up water to study. They learned a lot about water dwelling insects and other critters in the water. The 7yo met her 3rd cousin (my 1st cousin's daughter) at the class and seemed to get along well.

On Friday, I left the kids home with Daddy. I packed up myself and the baby and headed to Lansing for the INCH (homeschool) conference. We stayed overnight and headed home on Saturday evening. It was fun and inspiring; I really enjoyed it! The baby discovered she could move forward and spent many of those conferences dragging herself under people's chairs and grabbing their ankles and purses:) She loved sitting under chairs, LOL.

Besides that, the kids did their usual line-up: Math (Math Mammoth Add/Sub 3), Familiar Quotations copywork, Science and History. They finished reading the book on Mammals for Science. They finished our history book Story of the World 2.

From INCH, I purchased SOTW 3 (still need to get the activity guide - will buy this used). I ordered our math (BJU 3 & 4); we'll start that when it arrives.

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