Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to do diddly-squat

I've been frustrated lately. It seems I don't know how to do diddly-squat.
Anything I want to do requires time, dedication, and know-how.
I don't have any of that.
I'm lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep in a row.

I'm looking for a book called How To Do Diddly-Squat. Because then maybe I could actually do something. It would have to have lots of pictures because I'm a little VSL when it comes to following directions. But it can't contain maps, because I'm not VSL enough to read maps. So maybe lots of big, colorful pictures that show something, and maybe 10 easy steps. We'll call it "Ten Easy Steps to Doing Diddly-Squat". I can handle that!

I'm going to give myself my own personal pep-talk here. When a mom tells me about the things they aspire to do, but they just can't seem to do diddly-squat, I say to them - "but look what you have! A new baby, or ten children, and you're homeschooling and running a household. Give it some time. You can do diddly-squat later, when you're not so busy doing the important stuff".

Does it mean you won't make money right now? Yeah, probably. Does it mean you won't learn a fulfilling new skill? Yup. But will your children be loved, taught, and have wiped noses? Absolutely. And nose-wiping is a very important job!


Lisa said...

You should write the book on diddly-squat. Or maybe I should. In my free time. Yeah, that's right. In my FREE TIME. (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my keyboard?) Just being home and teaching kids is a LOT - way more than diddly squat, just in case you forgot. I realized this right about the time I started working 4-5 hours a day. If I was doing nothing, then it would be easy to squeeze out a few hours a day for work, right? One would think so. So, we must be doing the opposite of diddly-squat. What would that be?

Dee said...

LOL! on the diddly squat!

I remember those years and today my eldest celebrates her 22 birthday. Oh how I miss the days of holding her in my arms, missing out on some sleep, and doing diddly squat for a few years!!!

What I didn't know then, was that those would be one of the best days/years/months of my life.

Don't worry about all the to do's. This is the best diddly squat that you will ever do and when they are older, they will remember that you were the best diddly squatter around and then they will have their turns to diddly squat and will come to you on practical advice on how to diddly squat! :)


You are blessed with those beauties!