Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Review Mar 29-Apr 9th

This review will have to span 2 weeks, and will have lots of holes in it! I've been insisting on Math at least 3-4 times per week, at a bare minimum. On days with more time/energy, we'll also do English, Familiar Quotations Copywork, & Science.

The 9yo is almost finished with Developmental Math 8 (Multiplication). She is skipping the drill pages, which I'll save for quick drill checks later on - we are using this just for the concept. For drill, we're using Five Times Five Does Not Equal Ten, but we've only done about 3 or 4 of these lessons in the past 2 weeks. In English, she is learning how to diagram nouns & verbs. She's still in Shakespeare for Familiar Quotations. In Science, she has been reading through Physics: Why Matter Matters.

The 7yo *totally hit a wall* in math. She is Absolutely Brilliant when it comes to adding/subtracting with regrouping (carrying/borrowing). However, I introduced the "thousands" column, and eeerrrt-screech-smash! We crashed. For addition, she adds the ones, adds the tens, but then subtracts with borrowing in the hundreds column. I've introduced the term "brain fart" to lighten the mood a bit, since math got really tense this week. And then, in all my mommy wisdom, we decided to drop it, and move on to Division. We are moving again. Movement is good. In English, we did some "school in a box" to make things more interesting - we picked out 5 items to describe. The 7yo used a graphic organizer type layout (this was totally her idea) for her adjectives. The next day, we made these into sentences (me writing for her). Last, she did a workbook page on adjectives. She did a few Familiar Quotations - I am picking the verse for her, writing it in cursive and having her copy it. Seems to be working all right, although her sentences are going vertical down the page. I may need to find differently lined paper for the task.

The baby (Georgyana) has developed a pincher grasp in the past few weeks (maybe about 3 weeks now? maybe longer) I finally got the courage to try cheerios with her, and it's going well. She pinches everything, and it hurts. She is beginning to roll over a little more often now - mostly in her crib, while trying to get comfy for a nap. It looks quite easy for her to flip now, she just chooses not to. She still pushes herself backwards across the floor, and can go in circles. No forward movement yet. She will be 1 years old on May 1st - hard to believe my itty bitty 2lber at birth is now almost a year. She's probably about 20lbs by now.

Friday was our Co-op's Presentation Night. My 9yo was in Choir and Dance/Drama. We all discovered that she has a flair for Dance & Drama (I mean, the onstage kind of drama, not the household upheaval kind of drama, LOL. We *knew* she had a flair for upheaval dramas!) I love our presentation night, because that's when so many homeschooled students shine! You discover hidden talents and get to see the cool things the kids have been working on all year.

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