Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Review Apr 26-30

The 9yo...
Showed real maturity in the writing of her Compare/Contrast paper. She didn't complain about writing it. She revised it without complaining. And she re-wrote the paper without complaining. I haven't expected a whole lot of paper writing this year, so this was her very last assignment in the 3rd gr Grammar/Writing workbook. She handled it well.

She continues to work through Math Mammoth Add/Sub 3. She finished learning all new multiplication facts on Monday & Tuesday, next week we'll start reviewing facts. She is working through Shakespeare in the Familiar Quotations book for reading/copywork.

The 7yo...
Is a real pill at lesson time! LOL. She's developed a bad attitude about everything, and procrastinates getting started. She's finished her BJU 2nd Gr math book, so now we are working on 4's multiplication facts, and did some pages from Math Mammoth Multiplication (I got it as a free download many-eons ago). She did some descriptive writing for English and learned how to separate the subjects from actions in sentences. She is working through Proverbs in Familiar Quotations.

History: read about Copernicus and Galileo this week in SOTW 2. We are nearing the end.
Park Day on Thursday.
The girls went to the Ballet to see Cinderella on Friday (thanks Lisa!!)

The Baby...
is turning ONE on Saturday!!!!
is working on tooth #3 & 4 (upper side teeth, next to the canines - weird)
is trying to transition from a sit to a crawl position, but mostly just gets stuck and cries about it.
She still isn't crawling or doing a whole lot yet, but her adjusted age is more like a 9 or 10 month old.

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