Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Review Apr 19-23

Dh went to Microsoft Management Summit on Sunday afternoon, so it was just the girls and me this week.

Sunday: birthday party for great grandma
Monday: school in the a.m., housecleaning, & then playdate with friends.
Tuesday: day at home
Wednesday: dog had stitches removed, 7yo saw dentist (her loose tooth had developed a lot of swelling in the gum - dentist said it was just the adult tooth coming down). AWANA awards night - a nice evening with ice cream afterwards.
Thursday: school in the a.m., went to a friend's house and played - went on a long walk/bike ride in the evening.
Friday: last day of homeschool co-op. Dh arrived home around 12am.

9yo is working through Math Mammoth Add/Subtract 3. It's been easy, so she is going through at least 2 pages or more per day. She has completed almost all of the multiplication pages in Five Times Five is Not Ten. We will finish those facts up next week and then begin reviewing facts that haven't stuck. In English, she is learning about writing a compare/contrast report. In Familar Quotations, she has been reading quotes from Julius Caesar (Shakespeare) and copied well-known quotes such as "beware the ides of March" and "et tu, Brute".

7yo finished her 2nd gr math book. There are some challenging puzzle problems in the back we could work through if we chose. She also decided she wanted to review days of the week and months of the year. In English, she learned about commas when used in a series. She is working through the Old Testament in Familiar Quotations.

In Science, we did a few straw experiments (water trombone & driving a straw thru a potato). In History, we read about Henry VIII & we talked about Mark Twain's Prince & the Pauper story.

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