Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Review Apr 12-16th

9yo finished Dev Math 8 (Multiplication), worked on story problems & final test. Learned new x's fact & 5min drill. Did 1st page in Math Mammoth 4A, addition review (lots of mental math!) We really struggled with the mental math aspect in MM 4A, so I purchased/downloaded Addition & Subtraction 3 to work through first.
Diagramming sentences in English, Changed statements into questions. Shakespeare Quotations (copywork/reading).
7yo Math was division, practiced putting counters into groups (manipulatives do not win big at this household - insert grumbling here). Turning multiplication into division. Also started memorizing 4s multiplication facts. Learned about adjectives in English. Old Testament Quotations (copywork, reading).
Both: Read 3 sections of their choice in Physics: Why Matter Matters. Did several straw experiments - the kids loved making a straw oboe. Read about the slave trade in Story of the World II (history), & Cortez/Montezuma.

Wed - finished AWANA for the year. Both girls have their books finished.
Thurs - school in the a.m. Dentist appt that went poorly for 1 daughter & the work didn't actually end up getting done >:(

Went for a walk 2 xs this week.
I've been busy gathering info on fireplaces, calling for estimates, meeting with people...

The baby got her first tooth on Thursday! It's the lower middle tooth. She is just 2 weeks away from her 1st birthday, and finally has her first tooth (my kids are all late teethers). She now refuses to eat baby food and will only nurse or pop cheerios into her mouth.

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Lisa said...

You amaze me with how much education you pack into a week! congrats to both girls on finishing their AWANA books and to GG on popping out that tooth!