Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Curriculum plans

The grass has been looking mighty green on the other side of the fence these days. I knew I wanted to do something different next year. I was tired of looking like a lack-luster, black and white textbook family. The 9yo chose Math Mammoth to pursue instead of her regular BJU Math. I was looking in to a mountain of other possibilities (unit studies? computer learning? design my own program?) My 7yo reigned me in yesterday:)

After a week of doing Math Mammoth multiplication & multiplication drills, the 7yo sighs deeply and says, "Mom, this isn't how I wanted to learn times. I wanted the flashcards. And where's my workbook?"

It was then I realized, "I want to return home." I like BJU. It works for us (yes, there is much complaining, but there is always complaining). After looking at Five in a Row and A World of Adventure (which looks REALLY cool, btw), I realize the kids would think I'd lost my mind.

For History, Story of the World 2 has been working great! It's a very simple choice: the kids read 1/2 a chapter per day, and we talk about it. We don't do any extras, although we could add in extras if I get bored:) We're almost finished with 2 and will move onto 3 soon. Science is the one thing I haven't found a knack for yet. I am purchasing a used copy of Great Science Adventures - A World of Plants for $4.00 to try out.

This summer, we're going to try focusing on Math, Science & History (and possibly Art, which I already own). Dh has been wanting us to work through Shakespeare, so I may try to add that in. I think this should make our summer light and fun (or, as fun as school can be, I suppose). We'll put Language Arts on hold until September (we're almost finished with our LA for the year). We will continue with Familiar Quotations copywork, however.

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