Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekly Review 3/8-3/12

Math: reviewing past learned multiplication facts, and then I have been re-writing these as division problems.
English: more adverbs
Reading: finished Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson book 3)
Familiar Quotations

Math: finished fractions chapter, learned slide, flip, turn, patterns, shapes, and venn diagrams
English: wrote a nice letter to the children's church pastor
Reading: has been reading Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson book 2), but it's been slow going:)
Handwriting: we skipped a few pages of HTW and did the last page of HWT Cursive and called it done!
Both kids:
Science: watched A&E Biography on Sir Isaac Newton (the kids were bored, bored, bored). Did this web site: and then used this info to create a mini book on Newton's 3 laws of motion
Nature Center class about animal prints, skulls, and other (ahem) things they leave behind
Co-op on Friday

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