Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Review 3/21-3/26

I think I spent most of this week in a sleep deprived stupor. The baby was waking every hour. Even so, here's what we managed to do:

Both girls did Math for 3 days this week. The 9yo added 3 new facts to her multiplication skills, and completed 6 pages in Dev Math 8. The 7yo and I grew tired of measuring, and more measuring - so we skipped through half of it orally, skipped the rest, and moved on into place value (thousands!) I think she's about 2 chapters away from the end of her book.

Both girls did 2 days of Familiar Quotations copywork. The 9yo has started Midsummer Night's Dream quotes from Shakespeare and the 7yo is still in the Old Testament.

The 9yo is hard at work to finish her AWANA book. She has a limited time to get through the sections, and the last discovery is always the toughest (very long verses to memorize).

We did some English and wrote a letter to great-grandma. The 9yo is in the beginning chapter of sentence diagramming. The 7yo did a review page of contractions and double negatives.

The girls are reading Percy Jackson books for fun. The 9yo has technically read all 5 books, but since she read #5 first, she wants to re-read that book - just waiting for it to arrive from the library.

Georgyana had her dr appt on Wed and her last Synagis shot. She's 19lbs 8oz. Thursday was the 9yo's all day dance/drama rehearsal for co-op. Friday was co-op day. The 9yo had a throbbing headache on one side of her head, and then she felt nauseous. We got half way to co-op and then she threw up in the truck (ewww). We trucked her back home, left her with Daddy, and went back to co-op. She's been fine ever since. I'm wondering if it was just a bad migraine - she has been getting headaches lately, and this one seemed really bad.

Non-schooly things we did included computer games (educational, of course!) and the 9yo cooked us lasagna for dinner on Tues night. The kids also used their math skills to pick out their own easter candy (yeah, when your a homeschool mom, you don't get the luxury of picking out surprise items for your kids - they see everything you buy, always)


WildIris said...

Life with a new baby can be tough. The lack of sleep can get to a person. All in all, it sound like you made the best of it; life went on and school got done.

Cheers! Iris

Cyn said...

Sleep deprivation is horrible! Kudos to you for still achieving so much!

Faith said...

I suffered from migraines as a child. (Well, I still do.) Poor thing. For me it was related to how much sleep I got. If I got too little or too much, that would trigger a migraine. It could also be hormonal. It is hard to believe it but 9 yo girls are getting ready for puberty.

Sounds like you got plenty done in spite of lack of sleep!