Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Review 3/1-3/5

Monday - visited 2 libraries, taught 9yo how to find specific non-fic books in the Juv & Easy-reader sections. Georgie had her eye dr check-up; she is far-sighted w/ slight astigmatism, but this is totally normal & expected for a baby. The girls did a lot of reading. The 9yo had practice for AWANA games.

Tuesday - the girls had 6mo dental cleaning. We read an owl book by Gail Gibbons and later dissected our owl pellets (gross!) Used this worksheet for information: http://www.obdk.com/pdf/DissectionLab.pdf

Wednesday - read 2 books on owls. Played a game that involved drawing an owl for 30secs, and then passing on the owl to others to add details. Then, we looked at the owl guide to guess which owl the drawer had picked (this was the 9yo's idea). The 9yo learned 2 new math facts (9x9, 9x7), and 2 pgs in Dev Math 8. She learned about adverbs in English. She is on Love's Labor Lost by Shakespeare in Familiar Quotations copywork. The 7yo did 2 1/2 lessons on Fractions in Math (ironic, eh? LOL). She wrote a letter to great-grandma, and we counted this as English. She did 1 lesson in Reading, and wrote 2 sentences in cursive in Handwriting.

Thursday - I read aloud from our Physics: Why Matter Matters book (the 7yo loves this book). (Note: there was some sciency show on tv on Wed night, and the 7yo picked up the word "gamma ray" and knew it came from our Physics book. So she read aloud to me about gamma rays and other things related to it). The 9yo learned 1 new math fact and completed 2 pgs in Dev Math 8. She wrote a letter to great grandma for English. She read some funny quotes to me by Shakespeare from Familiar Quotations. Our fav one was something like, "the naked truth is, he had no shirt" (loosely paraphrased). The 7yo is writing quotes from the Bible in Familiar Quotations. She completed 2 full lessons in Math. She also did a Reading lesson and English lesson (more linking verbs and noun/verb, plural/singular). And she wrote a letter to missionary, as required for AWANA. Then we spent the rest of the day doing LAUNDRY to catch up.

Friday - long road trip, kids read books and played the alphabet game (good for alphabetizing skills!) Then we had lunch at Old Country Buffet. We don't eat out often, so this was a big treat.

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