Monday, March 8, 2010

The Week Ahead

Crazy busy (what's new, eh?)
  • 96 page web site (our quarterly creation)
  • 2 kids + 5 days of AWANA events
  • Nature Center science class
  • homeschool co-op
  • party at our house on Saturday (lots of cleaning & planning to do)

Sunday - church (for husband & kids), get 20 web pages done, help husband's grandma & aunt move some items from one home to another.

Monday - school, cleaning, 10 web pages done. 9yo has AWANA games practice from 6-8pm

Tuesday - school, cleaning, 10 web pages.

Wednesday - school, cleaning, 10 web pages. Kids have AWANA at night: working diligently to finish our books for the year.

Thursday - nature center science class, 10 web pages. 7yo has AWANA games practice that night.

Friday - homeschool co-op, clean, (10 pages??) 9yo has AWANA games practice & pizza party.

Saturday - 9yo has AWANA games (the real thing, not just practice). Grandpa will watch her play games, while I stay home & clean. Halo party later in the afternoon. Hopefully finish up the website between Saturday & Sunday.


Lisa said...

Don't worry about cleaning on my account. :-) Sounds like you have a busy week! Stay sane - take some time for Sarah.

MICHELE said...

HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL???????????????????????????????????