Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter to the missionary

For AWANA, my 7yo had to write a letter to the missionary. Here is her letter. It isn't what *I* would've had her write. Sometimes you just have to hold your breath, tuck it into its envelop, and send it on its way...(Note: in her book, she had to pray for 16 days, and then write a letter to the missionary. There was some confusion at AWANA - the substitute leader said she didn't have to do this and awarded her as though it were done.)

Dear Thompsons,
Im praying for you for awana and Im on my eleventh day. I just finished my last sparks book my leader let me skip the rest of my praying thing but Im still doing it.
Love, Z

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Lisa said...

Love the letter! It's definitely kid-written!

I am never going to catch up on blog commenting. lol