Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leaving the house...

I'm finding it really difficult to get errands run. For instance, our business paperwork sat in an envelope by the door for 3 weeks, and every day I said "today is the day that I will take it to the post office". Lo and behold, each day passed and we did not make it. I said, "we'll do it tomorrow". Three weeks later, it was still sitting there, and I realized that I was supposed to have it into the accountant before our meeting with him. Wondering why I can't seem to leave my house? Here's why!

7:30 or 8am wakeup: I'll be on the ball today, by golly! We're leaving the house ASAP, I'm determined. Nurse/diaper change the baby. Get dh ready for work. Feed kids breakfast. Pull together lesson plans to take in the car.

9:30am: kids are fed, dh is off to work, but now baby is acting tired and fussy. Shoot. Guess she needs a nap. We're not going to make it out of the house *just yet* OK, so after her nap and we'll go. Might as well do school since we're stuck at home while she naps.

10am: baby goes down for a nap. I get children through school. Something comes up or somebody dilly-dallies, or avoids school altogether.

11:30am: baby is awake and should be fed before we leave. School isn't quite finished yet.

1pm.: School finished, baby fed, but now the kids are wanting lunch. We can't possibly leave the house if they aren't fed.

2pm: Kids eat lunch, kitchen is trashed, and baby is cranky. Baby wants a nap. Guess we'll wait until after her nap.

3:30pm: baby wakes up and eats.
4pm: we're ready to go now. Shoot - everything closes in 1 hour, and the traffic doubles in size. Baby is fussy in her car seat and simply won't sit through all the stop-and-go. Let's just skip our errands today and go first thing tomorrow, OK?

Repeat. Three weeks pass. Errands aren't run. Although the paperwork finally went into the mail, I've had 2 bank runs and a store stop to make for the past 2 weeks. Same ol' same ol'. Wonder if we'll ever get that check cashed before it expires on Apr 20?

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MICHELE said...

I have no idea how you do it all! Sending hugs..