Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Review 2/22-2/26

4th grader:
Working through 2 books in Math (multiplication): Five Times Five is Not Ten, and Developmental Math 8. Learned about articles (the, a, an) in English. Continuing copywork from Familiar Quotations - currently on William Shakespeare. She is picking fun quotes like, "off with his head", and enjoying some of the humor in these phrases. She's finished reading The Lightning Thief (book 1) and Sea of Monsters (book 2) - Percy Jackson series. She has an interest in Greek Mythology, and these books have brought up a lot of conversation (I've already read the series). The books are intended for kids ages 9-12, but have some adult themes (just ask your kid, "where do heros come from?" and you'll know what I mean). We do talk a lot about how awesome it is to have a personal God that intentionally created us & loves us, instead of these flawed gods that don't care about humans at all (a reoccurring theme in the books).

2nd grader:
Finished the chapter on multiplication in Math, and started fractions. She did 2 lessons in her reading book. She wrote a few sentences in cursive from her Handwriting book, and copied 1 quotation from Familiar Quotations - she is starting the section on the Bible, which is a big section of the book.

In Science, the girls finished reading "How to Think Like a Scientist". It is about the Scientific Method, but the girls call it "the egg book" because there is a section in there where it somehow relates eggs (confession: I haven't read all of the book myself, lol!). We started reading "Physics: Why Matter Matters" which is a fun book that personifies physics terms. We read about Einstein and e=mc2, about mass, weight, and density.

We practiced multiplication and division while baking cookies on Thursday. I am taking cookies to homeschool co-op, and gave questions like this - "if I have 5 people in class, and each eats 5 cookies, how many cookies did everyone eat?" and "if we ate 20 cookies total, and each person had 4 cookies, how many people were eating cookies?" We also had quite a bit of car conversations, which count as learning. One in particular, we talked about the ancient greek language, and learned that "sarks" means "flesh" and that "sarcastic" means to "tear flesh". I'm wondering if now might be a good time to learn a few root words.

On Wed, Georgyana had her 9mth checkup, so we limited school to the car. On Thurs, we cleaned house, and then the daughter of a friend came over to sell us knives. The girls watched her cut through a penny, and easily slice rope and leather. I refused to share any names of people, despite the pressure (I'm tough! lol) so if you are interested in seeing these really cool kitchen knives, let me know and I'll pass your name and number along to her.
We have homeschool co-op on Friday.


Laughing Lioness said...

I'm going to check out the science books- they sound great. You sure get a lot done!

Daisy said...

Fun math with cooking. I love that.

Familiar Quotations? Is this a book or something you put together? It sounds like a wonderful resource.

Carrie said...

Math & Cookies ... they go so great together!!! ;)

Sounds like you guys had a good week!

Moonbeam said...

Math with cookies is my kinda math! Sounds like a wonderful week.

WildIris said...

Oooh, I like the book you mentioned,"How to Think Like a Scientist." I'm going to look for this. Thanks for sharing.

MissMOE said...

Everyone's reading the Percy Jackson books, perhaps I should check them out. The science books look good also. Your blog has inspired a library trip!

Lisa said...

I like your comment on our God vs. the Lightning Thief gods. I will have to remember to bring that up.