Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Review 2/1-2/5

We did Math & Science on M, W, Th. 9yo is working on mult/div facts. We are learning these simultaneously. I'm not sure why xs & divide are separated when memorized. We are working on 2s & 5s. In Sci we are finishing up our chemistry book, started 1yr ago (yeah, yeah, was supposed to take 10 weeks. But I've been busy!) 7yo is working on multiplication, an introduction to it. She also did 2 days of handwriting & 2 days of spelling.

Thurs we also read from Communicating Effectively, and I read aloud Prince & the Pauper. Kids also copied from Familiar Quotations, and did a page of English. 7yo did a page from Reading, too.

We also watched the new Emma movie (Jane Austen) & discussed the plot twists.

Georgie(9mos) is working on sitting. If we place her on her rump, she's doing quite well without toppling. She's not sleeping well at night, but I think it's the ear infection.

Fri - has yet to happen!

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