Tuesday, February 16, 2010

random ramblings

Motherhood intensity reaches the peak of it's crescendo at 4:41 pm. It. just. does. >:(

I wonder why I ever watched Emma with my children and quoted, "it was badly done, Emma". It comes back to haunt me now.

If 2 kids play computer games for 1/2 hr each time, and for 2 periods apiece, and if they watch each other play...that equals 2 hours of screen time, and 6 hours of bad attitudes.

If 2 kids play computer games, and take turns, there will be a lot of asking, "can I play now?" and "when is it my turn?"

If you say "no" often enough, the kids will eventually find something other to do than play computer games. I didn't say that the "something other" was a worthwhile pursuit, or that it was better than computer games.

It's amazing how much everyone can want all at the same time. And how absolutely noisy it is while everyone is wanting something simultaneously.

It's awesome when you try to make brownies, and you think you're being all smart by presenting a math question to your daughter that involves doubling fractions...and it's rather humbling when your daughter gets a different answer than YOU and you realize after she explains, that she's right and your wrong. You're especially happy when she tells you the answer BEFORE you add the ingredient.

It doesn't matter if the timer for your cleaning break has 20 more minutes on it. If the kids are pestering, you might decide "to heck with the timer", and everyone has to clean now, just to shut them up.

If the baby suddenly sleeps a good 6hr period one night, and then takes 2 really good naps the next day, you might be wondering what is wrong with her. And you might be tempted to check on her frequently, to make sure she is still breathing. If you nurse that baby, you might also suddenly feel like a porn star, and decide to pose for naughty pictures. Hey, the money is good, right? You might also be really uncomfortable.

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~Byn There said...

rofl Hang in there girlfriend, this to shall pass. I think you need to seriously investigate SUMMER DAY CAMPS for the older girls or better yet sleep over camp......cuz mama needs some down time and I ain't talkin' hours.