Thursday, February 25, 2010

Precursor to the Weekly Review

I am officially calling the 3rd grader now a 4th grader. I really don't have the whole logistics worked out. I just don't know what I'm doing. My 4th gr does amazingly well on Language Arts, and so I've begun questioning why we spend sooo much time on it, when what she learns happens best through her own reading and writing. However, LA made Weekly Reviews sooo much easier, because I could say - we did *this* in English, and *this topic* in Reading...Not so easy when you let all that slide! I'd like to replace LA with science, and maybe turn it into a unit study type of approach. But I'm totally at a loss for this. Whenever I attempt such measures, we spend 30 mins on school total, because I don't know what to do & the kids don't know what is expected of them. Pretty sad, eh?

So there is the crux of the problem-
I don't know what to do & the kids don't know what is expected of them.

The kids need some structure, even if it's a unit study. They need to know what to get done in a day.

I hate feeling like we're doing "school". And the kids hate doing "school". It was manageable before the baby, but now add in more interruptions, distractions, doctor appts, bigger messes, less free hands, and 3 of us all avoiding "school", I'm having a difficult time drudging up a good weekly report. And another thing - since having the baby, I really don't remember what we did 3-4 days ago. I may have to blog daily in order to keep track of what we're doing.

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MissMOE said...

It's hard when life changes, but you will get into the swing of things again. As to what is expected in an unit study. Look through your English book you were using and look at the topics covered. Pull those topics into your science unit. For example, if you want to cover verbs, simply point out verbs used in your experiments. Or make a list of verbs scientist might use in lab reports. If you want to cover letter writing, write a letter to a famous scientist. HTH