Monday, February 8, 2010

New books!

Today is one of those days that are exceptional! I wish every day were like today:)
I had school work organized and on the table last night, complete with check off list.
We started the day with some tears and anguish, but it was resolved within 30mins, and we moved on with our day.
School was started by 9am, and mostly finished by 11:30. I actually felt energized today and ready to get things done. Even though I really didn't get that much sleep, I feel like I did. We cleaned the house yesterday (Sunday) and I finished our business paperwork, so my burdens feel light. Minor interruption by the UPS truck; our new schoolbooks arrived! We unpacked our books. Inside the box were:

Write About Me: it's a 1st grade writing book, but my girls wanted to do it "just for fun". I promised that I wouldn't assign it as schoolwork or interfere with their project. This is something they can fill out and keep like a journal. We'll probably be printing off some photos to put in the pages. (Note, yes this is the same book used a few years ago that caused us much torment and grief - but that's because it was "assigned schoolwork". I've learned my lesson and this was specifically asked for by the kids. I'm keeping my nose out of it! LOL)

Five Times Five is Not Ten: I'm excited about this book! It has multiplication strategies with little cue words to remind them of the strategy, plus lots of practice.

Developmental Math books 8 & 9 (Multiplication & Division): Not sure how I'll use these books yet, but I do like the focus on mental math, and the visual, independent teaching method. I do like having a short 5min fact practice, so I may just use the pages as timed fact practice. Or, we might just use these books next for a bit. Not sure. I do like my BJU math, but I like this math as well.

Key To Math...Decimals, book 1: It looked interesting and it was only $3. And I personally find decimals intimidating. So thought I'd give it a shot.

Daily Paragraph Editing 4th grade: we have about 2 chapters of BJU English 3 left, so then we'll stop grammar for awhile and do some paragraph editing.

Spectrum Test Prep 4: I think before we do another standardized test, we'll take 1 month and work through the Test Prep. Plus, the Test Prep works as a nice checklist for what subjects to hit.

BJU Spelling Gr4: I haven't decided if we'll jump into this right away or not. I hate teaching spelling. Luckily, 9yo catches on to her words quickly. She scored very high on the IOWA test for Spelling, so if we take a lil break, it's not going to kill anything;)

The 2nd gr is still plugging through her books, so I didn't need anything for her (other than the Write About Me book she has been asking for months).

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