Saturday, February 20, 2010

Math Mammoth

So...I let dd age 9 pick her next math for her 4th gr year. She (briefly) looked at Horizons and Math Mammoth, and she's already familiar with BJU. She liked the looks of Math Mammoth, and so that is what she will be using. The upside of Math Mammoth is:
  • it's black and white with only enough pictures to demonstrate the concept
  • it's cheap: $25.80 for the 2 workbooks for the year (doesn't include answer key, tests, cumulative reviews - but these can all be downloaded for $15 if needed)
  • it's a lot of mental math, follows a similar method to Singapore Math, only without the cute anime looking people:P (personally, I like cute anime looking people...) Note: BJU teaches some mental math (the "whys" of math), but not quite as much (although I've been very happy with BJU's methods).
  • The light blue series hits all the grade level scope & sequence that kids are supposed to be taught in schools. (If you don't like grade leveled math, then the blue series teaches topically, capiche?)

The downside of Math Mammoth:

  • If you're using MM by grade level, and you want to jump in directly to grade 4, you may have a little backtracking to do (this is true of most math, however; everybody has their "method")
  • There is an awful lot of problems on some pages. If left up to me, I'd choose the math program with 5 problems on a page:) Of course, Mom, it's up to YOU; as teacher, you have Power and Authority to cross off problems.
  • Some lessons are 3 pages long, some 1 page, others 2 pages, and a rare few are 4 pages. Phew! Some of those lessons are lllooonnnggg.
  • It currently runs through 5th grade, since 6th grade hasn't been written/published yet. But the author hasn't left us hanging - it's method & sequence is close enough to Singapore, that she recommends the next level of Singapore to jump into, should you finish all the MM through 5th gr.
  • I'm going to miss BJU for 4th because I really did like it! I liked it's "method", I liked the limited number of problems on the page with the ability to print more off of the teacher CD if needed, I liked the pictures and the bright colorful visual explanations. But MM might be a better fit for dd, because of it's lack of color and people (she gets distracted). But we'll see...We may end up back at BJU if MM doesn't work out for her.

Want to know more? Visit the web site at Remember: the light blue series is grade level topics, and has two workbooks per grade (answer key, tests, cumulative reviews are in separate books or in 1 download); blue series is topically taught (i.e., Clocks, Multiplication 1, Multiplication 2, Division, etc.)

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