Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Review - Jan 4-8, 2010

Moms with infants have sooo much to blog about but generally lack the time and energy to blog about it:)

3rd gr: Is memorizing multiplication facts 0-5. When she can do all the flashcards in 5mins or less, I'll take her out to lunch (fast food). She's working hard because she loves food, lol. She is practicing multiplying 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number with renaming (127 x 2). We are writing Thank You notes for Christmas gifts as our English project. She is continuing to copy famous quotes from Familiar Quotations. She's finished 3rd gr Spelling and Reading, and I have not replaced those with textbooks yet (I won't be using textbooks for Reading anymore, but Spelling is still undecided). Daddy has added 2 more subjects to her day: Shakespeare and Communicating Effectively. I picked the play "Midsummer Night's Dream" for her to work thru and for us to discuss. Of all the plays, I'd hoped she'd like this one - it has fairies in it, the King & Queen are named Oberon & Titania (same as Rainbow Magic Fairies, LOL), it takes place in ancient Athens (Greek Mythology), and it's a comedy. What's not to like? Oh, yeah...all that archaic language! When we finish the play, we'll watch the movie. The next subject is a textbook from Daddy's college days called Communicating Effectively. It's supposed to help improve communication skills. We could all really use some help in this dept, so hopefully it's a worthwhile book. I'm reading it aloud to the kids, but so far, it's kind of hard for them to follow, I think.

2nd grade: practicing subtraction with renaming (borrowing). She's a hoot with this! She flies thru it, doing brilliantly, but then a few problems into it, she stops and says, "but Mom, the smaller number is on the top!" And then I explain it all over again. She continues to insist, "but they wrote it wrong!" LOL. English involved writing Thank You notes. She is learning capital letters in Handwriting. She's reading a very long rhymed narrative in her Reading textbook, and has learned words like "cantankerous". Spelling was on hold this week. Daddy added 2 more subjects this year: Familiar Quotations copywork and listening to me read the Communicating Effectively book.

Infancy: still working thru nighttime sleep issues, but daytime sleep is so much better.
When I put her face down for tummy time, she pushes forward with her feet, but doesn't get anywhere. She gets frustrated because she wants to move forward but can't.

She is starting to eat a little bit of baby food. If she continues to do well, she'll be my FIRST baby to eat baby food. No kidding! My 1st 2 kids didn't eat solids until they were grabbing it off of my plate and shoveling it into their mouths themselves. This way is sooo much easier. But spoon feeding baby food is rather entertaining (and messy!) So far she's had rice cereal and bananas. I've been pushier about starting for 2 reasons: 1. to bulk up her poop during those 3-4 weeks of diarrhea (TMI? LOL!), and 2. it would be nicer if she could get her vitamins thru rice cereal in a friendly way, rather than being force-fed nasty liquid vitamins. Why does a breastfed baby need vitamins? Because Preemies do not have that full 9mos of iron stores from the womb in order to carry them through their first year. They need the supplementation of iron that full-term babies do not need (breastmilk is a perfect food that does not contain iron).

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