Thursday, January 28, 2010

weekly review 1/25-1/28

Monday: got the IOWA test mailed & a celebratory cake baked (9yo's idea). No school, but hauled all toys out of the kids' bedroom (lost toy privileges because of the mess in there). Room looks much better!

Tuesday: science & math. Read ch 7 in chemistry about unmixing & did experiment (chromatography). We put food coloring in a cup of water & watched colors climb up a coffee filter. We also talked about unmixing salt & sand by adding water. Reviewed multiplying & dividing by 2's. Kids learned how to make powerpoint presentations & now that's all they do (-insert arguing over computer here-)

Wednesday: Baby's synergis shots. Discovered ear infection, hence the hourly wake ups all night. Went to Grandpa's so that the 7yo could complete her AWANA verse (had to say it to a family member outside the house). Had a nice visit although I was tired. Stopped at store for antibiotics. Two hours at home to eat & then off to AWANA. Sports Night at AWANA - 9yo wore karate uniform, 7yo wore leotard (gymnastics) but no one knew what sport she was supposed to be, lol.

Thursday: Nature Center class in L.O. about snow. Did experiments - melting snow to see how much water it made, learned how snow happens, and how animals live in winter. More powerpoint projects made at home.

Friday: co-op day. Also, AWANA race car weigh in at night.

Saturday: AWANA race car races for 9yo & 7yo. Phew! Busy week! And I need some sleep.

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Lisa said...

Powerpoint - what a great idea!!!