Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Review 1/18-1/22 2010

We didn't do much school this week. Monday was MLK Jr day. I had big plans of having the kids listen to his speech (or at least part of it), but didn't. The husband had the day off, so we did a combo of clean the house and play!

Tuesday was a day of supreme exhaustion, so I napped in the a.m. and then attemtped to work on math facts with the 9yo in the afternoon. 9yo complained of a headache, shed many tears, and so we decided that we're not going to try to learn our math facts for the IOWA test. We also did a bunch of cleaning in prep for Wed.

Wednesday was a playdate and program at the nature center. The 7yo has been asking about trying out normal school, but the nature center program quickly taught me what would happen if I sent her. She insisted that she already knew everything there and then spent the time talking with her friend. The teacher had to separate them. I think home is the best place for her! The 9yo thought it was all very interesting and learned a lot (her words, in answer to her sister). It was about animal lifecycles and where they are at in the lifecycle at this time of year. We went to the class with a friend - they came over early so the kids could play. So it was a play day + field trip day. Then the kids had AWANA.

Thursday was scramble & clean for the Homeschool Support Meeting that I organize. We've had some so-so speakers, and some really great speakers. This one fell into the really great category (thanks Lisa!) It was about how to evaluate your child's writing, and also how writing is graded on standardized testing such as the ACT. I learned a ton and felt very encouraged in teaching this elusive subject!

Friday will be a cram-session day for the IOWA test. We are working through Spectrum's Test Prep book and I've noticed that I haven't taught several science and social studies topics in a long time (if at all). The 9yo certainly hasn't been taught the 3 branches of gov't (seriously? I thought this was a high school topic, lol), longitude/latitude, and other really boring subjects. She does, however, know that a hurt person should go to the hospital, not the library, and that firemen (not teachers) put out fires - at least I hope so, LOL! I found some of those questions to be rather stupid. We hope to finish the IOWA test this weekend.

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