Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekly Review 1/11-1/15

3rd grade:
spent the week going through Spectrum Test Prep in preparation for the IOWA test that she will be taking soon. Very, very eye opening in what our focus has been and how I might be a better teacher. She did some Time4Learning, also.

2nd grade:
The 7yo spent the week on Time4Learning so that I could focus on working with the 3rd grader on her Test Prep.

Spent the week overtired, overwhelmed, and coming unraveled at the seams. (Guess it wasn't the best week for test prep, eh?) I know exactly what my problem is...just can't seem to fix it! I think I am one big walking experiment on sleep deprivation and how it psychologically, emotionally, and physically affects a person. It's like I'm running this marathon, but I don't know how many miles are left to run. Is it just beginning? Am I one mile away from the finish line? Some days I'm ready to give up the race. Anyhow, I made a new resolution. My body is falling apart - I am aching all over and this is affecting my scant moments of sleeping when I can get them. I know I need 1. sleep, 2. exercise, 3. adaquate hydration (water), and 4. vitamins. It's hard to exercise when you know you can't wake up early to get it, or stay up late to get it, and that all the hours in between are spent trying to meet everyone's needs and maybe sneak in a nap. But I've decided to try, even if everything else falls apart. Afterall, how much better of a mommy will everyone have if I'm not in pain and able to concentrate?

can roll onto her side, but not ready to make a 180 degree turn yet:) I tend to have slow children when it comes to rolling. Not sure why.

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