Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time4Learning Review

We tried out Time4Learning for 1 month, starting in mid-December. Here is our review of the online program:

My 9 year old (3rd, starting 4th grade level) thought Time4Learning was a lot of fun! She said she liked it much better than school and would rather do that. Her daddy and I really liked how it incorporated challenging assignments, like writing, in the activities. She didn't like the writing assignments, but seemed to enjoy the activities on Time4Learning.

My 7 year old (2nd grade level) also thought Time4Learning was a lot of fun. She played the LA Extensions activities often, with the goal of seeing what would happen when she finished all the levels. Both kids loved earning "playtime" on other web sites with fun learning type activities by completing their Time4Learning lessons.

Time4Learning was such a blessing during a busy time. I wasn't able to spend the necessary time with my 7yo on lessons last week, so I assigned her time on the computer, instead. She continued to learn on Time4Learning, even when I wasn't available to teach her.

I spent some time watching the kids do lessons on Time4Learning. I found similarities between subjects taught on Time4Learning and what was taught in the Spectrum Test Prep book. I was glad to see that my girls were practicing skills that might reappear on the standardized achievement test. I also checked the progress section of Time4Learning. It was neat to be able to track my daughters' progress and see their scores on their activities.

I would recommend Time4Learning as a fill-in for schooltime on busy weeks and as a fun supplement to their schoolwork. See it for yourself at

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