Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My night was not fun...

Put baby to bed at 8pm after feeding
She woke at 9, tired-crying. I put her back to bed.
11:10pm baby woke, ate, back to bed. I read my book** (see note)
12:12am put book down, fell asleep
1:09am baby woke, fed, put back to bed
2:38am baby woke. I'm trying to wean 1 feeding middle of night, so crying ensues with me visiting and telling her "it's sleepytime".
3am she finally sleeps
4am (exactly!) she wakes up, fed, back to bed
5am (exactly!) dog running into everyone's bedrooms, barking. This is how she says "let me outside!"
5:32am Z(7yo) wakes up with hives & restless leg syndrome
back to sleep by 6am
7:20am baby wakes, A(9yo) gets up with her and feeds her peaches baby food.
8am A wakes me up because baby is cranky (what an awesome big sister though!!!)

**note: I've discovered that I have to read fiction before bed. My brain needs immersion in a fantasy world; otherwise I can't sleep. Mommy-thoughts go floating thru my mind, making it impossible to sleep. Fiction helps put those mommy-thoughts away.

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Lisa said...

Wow, Sarah, that sounds hellish. Truly. This too shall pass!!!! Glad you were able to get her to sleep at 3 without a feeding!