Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please stand by...

Please stand by
Blogging has been on my mind, but not on my crazy schedule. But I do owe a few words to friends & family that have faithfully watched this "channel". So here it is...
Last week:
  • we tore up our carpet in the living room & put down hardwood floors
  • in the midst of that project, a new one arrived: our home business had a 94-pg web site to create.
  • and yet another project: another web site for a homeschool family starting a new business
  • Thanksgiving dinner with family on Thursday, and Black Friday shopping the next day (although I stayed home and worked)
  • A baby that never sleeps.

I'm totally and completely exhausted. But I'm also quite excited about the web site projects. When it rains, it pours! This week, I have:

  • to finish up on the 94-page web site (it's almost done)
  • create the small business family web site
  • a cookie exchange & Christmas party for homeschool moms that I'm organizing for Thurs.
  • a baby that never sleeps.

As for the baby...
She's 7 mos old today. She has entered a new era: she makes a strong assertion for things she likes and does not like. She now knows "what's coming" and anticipates it. Things strike her as funny and she giggles at it. She just seems like an older baby now, and it's amazing to see.

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Lisa said...

Busy is good. But exhausting, yes! Gg is growing!