Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here is Georgyana in her new toy for Christmas. She loves it (can't you tell?) It is a jumper and a walker, with lots of bells and whistles. The steering wheel has buttons that play songs. The front hood of the car comes off for a snack tray.
The big girls got a lotof games, including the Game of Life (a very highly desired game, talked of constantly for the past 2 mos). It gives my girls another creative avenue for arguing. But that's why it's called "Life", right?
Georgyana was hit with a 2week bout of diarrhea, a cold, and thrush (again). The cold was shared with my husband and me. My husband is on vacation, and I think the yearly tradition is to get him sick during his time off. Poor guy:(
I'm starting to feel human again, although I think I could sleep and sleep and sleep, should the opportunity arise. I'm starting to notice how very behind I am, having neglected everything that didn't involve frequent diaper changes, nose wiping, and lying around moaning. The end of the year brings a ton of paperwork for the home business, and I noticed my toilets have become an aquarium for some interesting new lifeform.
I think we're through the worst of it (saying prayers). Being sick at Christmas lended me a different perspective of Christ's birth and just what that meant for mankind. Because of Him, we can look forward to the resurrection. That means a new body, a new creation, and no more sickness and death. Hooray!

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