Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Review Nov 9-13

My 6yo turned 7 on Wednesday! We surprised her with string cheese (every shopping trip, she asks for string cheese, and we always say "too expensive, we'll NEVER buy you string cheese, LOL). We have another gift for her that we'll give on Saturday with cake & ice cream.

My 6-turned-7yo also was sick on Sunday & Monday. Fever of 103.5, cough, stuffy nose, headache, chills, loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting. All around fun. Now she just has the cough/stuffy nose/sneezing, but otherwise is fine.

My 9yo and 7yo have really gotten into writing this week! My 9yo caught on to the concept of "shooting the breeze", which is something I've tried to teach in it's written form for years. It doesn't matter if it doesn't matter, write it anyway! LOL. Her letters to people have grown conversational. The girls started writing fake newspapers and delivering them this week. It's been fun to see my "I hate writing" daughter write 1/2 a page of stuff. They also continue writing for NanoWriMo, although the amount of writing has dropped significantly once the initial excitement wore off.

3rd grade: We skipped ahead to the Geometry - Lines/Angles section of the Math book, since multiplication/division is bogging us down. She did great on Spelling, learning words like "breakfast" and "heaven", and learned the rule for using -dge vs -ge at the end of words. She's reached the section on Chaucer from Familiar Quotations. She read a story on spiders in Reading.

2nd grade: Finished the chapter on numbers in Math and started money. She did well on Spelling, writing words with long o, long u sounds (mule, June, pole). We read a play together for Reading, and we're falling several pages behind in the workbook (we always get ahead in the stories). She learned tow trucking of cursive l, k, t, b, h in Handwriting.

Georgyana: Age 6 mths 1 week, adjusted age 4mos. Rolled over once this week, from tummy to back. We weren't watching her when she did it; we just noticed that she was no longer on her tummy. She seemed pretty happy and excited after rolling over:) We tried to get her to roll over again, but no such luck! Her cries have turned into more of a talkative complaint (ma-ma-maaaa, mmmbaaaa). She also giggles quite a bit now - very cute!


~Byn There said...

Hello, waiting for an updated picture of Gg! It's been awhile.

Lisa said...

I love string cheese, too, Zoiya! (And tell your mama that it isn't THAT much more expensive, if you get the store brand.)