Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weekly Review 11/2 - 11/6

3rd grade:
Division of 6 and 7 in Math, also played 1 Go Fish game that I made up with multiplication of 2s, 3s, & 5s. Completed 4 quotes in Familiar Quotations. Learning how to read a map and read a story about Peru in Reading. Practiced use of quotation marks in English, and is also participating in NanoWriMo. Spelling words were words ending in -y with the change to -ier, and -iest (tiny, tinier, tiniest).

2nd grade:
Number order and rounding to nearest ten, hundred in Math. Learned cursive b and v in Handwriting. Read an Aesop fable and a story from the Laplands in Reading. Spelling words were -ck & -nk words (chick, skunk). Dictionary useage and libraries in English, and also working on NanoWriMo.

Baby: this week I studied her sleep cycles. I'm not sure if we can change them, we may just be stuck. She starts with several short naps in the a.m. (30min naps if we're lucky, & it takes a long time to settle her down to get her there). And then she takes a much longer nap in the late afternoon, as long as I am holding her. This makes it really difficult to get school done, and difficult to get much else done. But since she is my last child, I'm determined to do what I can for her health (healthy sleep if we can) and enjoy her. That first year doesn't last very long, and their sleep problems are always in a state of flux, anyway. It won't be long before I'll be wondering how to wean a toddler and get her out of my bed, lol!

Me: I have been trying to do NanoWriMo this year, but due to the challenge of constantly holding a baby and loosing sleep (and teaching school, and maybe cooking an occasional dinner or washing a load of laundry, etc.) I've decided to just write for fun without a word goal.

Friday is co-op. Should be fun! (as usual)


Daisy said...

I miss holding a baby! I'm sure you are enjoying it while you can.

Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit this week.

~Byn There said...

This is just my uninvited opinion mind you but Baby Sleep Schedules are sort of like Michigan weather don't like them, wait a minute, they change. Probably totally different within 2 weeks and STOP HOLDING HER let her fuss it out in her own bed. Your arms need a break and the rest of your family needs to be fed and clothed and your novel needs to be written!

LOL. Good luck, friend, enjoy it as much as you can, you know it will go quickly.