Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Review Oct 26-30

A few workbooks were done Mon-Wed, and then we worked on Halloween costumes. Wed night was Trunk or Treating. Thurs-Fri were regular school days.

3rd gr: practiced multiplying 6-10 in Math. She learned about Reference books in English. Did 2-3 lessons in Reading. Did 2 Familiar Quotations copywork. Excelled in Spelling this week with words ending in -y and -y + word endings (ex: try, tries, tried). Read The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson book 5) - her 1st long novel!

2nd gr: Number Order in Math (this was a BIG issue in the past but she seems to have outgrown it and did a great job!). Parts of a book in English. Story about an ugly girl in Reading (I tease the kids about this story because they both hated it). Did awesome in Spelling (silent e words). Learned tow truckletters O & W in cursive Handwriting.

Me: Reading Homeschooling and Loving It (about goal setting), also reading every infant self-help sleep book I can find! Saw Todd Wilson talk about being a winning homeschooling husband + wife team: very good speech, and both my husband & I enjoyed it.

Georgyana: eating, sleeping, pooping - although I'm trying to diagnose her fussiness problems. I've ruled out Eating as the source & have settled on Sleeping as the source of our crankiness (lack of regular sleep). I'm seeing that her overtiredness is causing the screaming fits, her frequent startling out of a sleep, and the short 30-40min sleep cycles during the day (sometimes only 2-10 mins for a nap). As a "sling-wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping" mom, I can honestly say that Attachment Parenting practices will NOT solve our problems. I hesitate to ask anyone for advice because then I will get a slew of unhelpful thoughts, LOL (not to sound ungrateful, but...) But if you have successfully Been There, Done That and it doesn't involve "feed on demand, mother's diet, or sleep with your baby", then maybe, just maybe, I'll want to hear it, LOL. I feel like the Walking Encyclopedia of Infant Sleep Books:)


Gail said...

Wow, no advice, but loads of sympathy -- I was in the same club of infant-wearing, co-sleeping moms with infants who nap about 15 minutes TOPS and get about 8 hours total per day. Ick. I tried elimination diets for me (didn't do much for dd, but I discovered I have a problem with corn). Cranial-sacral manipulation helped a wee bit, if you can find a decent (sane, not woo-woo) practitioner.

Karen said...

Looks like your week was great - at lest the homeschooling part. How old is that baby? And she's the third, right? Yeah. We laughingly say that my youngest was born to be the youngest child. She did have a dairy allergy, but even after that was solved, she was just often fussy. She never learned to be a good sleeper. No advice just sympathy.

Okay, I can never skip advice. Have you kept a journal of when she sleeps and such? with all the baby-wearing, co-sleeping and feeding on-demand, my youngest never got tired enough for good naps unless I worked out a schedule for her (which never worked for me). She also napped longer when she was bundled and in a swing (shhh) than she did anywhere else except in the rocker nursing. Three kids and I never did figure out napping.

I wish you many restful nights and peaceful days.