Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Review Oct 19-23

I've been feeling like a pretty crummy homeschool mom lately (and housewife, cook, etc.) But just when I'm thinking public school could do a better job, my kids do something brilliant to save themselves from the yellow school bus. So here are some of our successes this week:

My newly turned 9 year old decided to pick up and read *my* book: The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson book 5) and she's almost caught up to me.

My almost 7yo asked what 36 + 36 was, and then said, "wait, I can do it" and she figured out that it was 72 by thinking it out in her head - no paper! (notice that 36+36 takes carrying/regrouping).

We did 2 days of bookwork: math, grammar, reading, and handwriting. Then we did 2 days of Math & a Lapbook on Butterflies. I printed off all the mini books & the 9yo was able to do most of the book by herself with very little instruction. The 7yo, though, needed lots of handholding and encouragement, and we had a very bad day of fit throwing (but this seems to be the norm lately). Her 2nd day with the lapbook went better, but still required a lot of mom attention. We're almost finished with the lapbook and then I'll share photos.

We had co-op on Friday. The 7yo listened to Squirrel Nutkin in Peter Rabbit class; she also made an owl puppet, tried honeycomb, and took home some beeswax. She learned about muscle in All About Me class, seeing and touching (with gloves) raw meat, fat, and bones (ewww). She made a cool project in Lego Robotics (can't remember what though - Mom looses points for forgetting, lol). I think she learned about the first airplane and the Wright bros in Heros class. The 9yo built a newspaper bridge in Odyssey of the Mind, built something for Lego Robotics class (again, can't remember, ugh!), worked on a dance routine for Drama/Dance, and continues to work on Christmas songs and singing skills in Choir.


Lisa said...

Isn't it funny how those achievements walk up and smack us in the head just when we need it most?

I learned more about what MY kids did in co-op today by reading what you posted than I did from asking my kids! LOL

~Byn There said...

If no one else has told you lately, you rock!

Keep up the great work.