Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Review Oct 12-16

3rd gr:
The turning-9-yr old learned adding/subtracting like fractions (same denominator), comparing fractions, and mixed number fractions (ex: 3 1/2). In Reading, she has read some early American history themes. In English she is practicing the use of dictionaries, glossaries, and reference books, also parts of a book. She aced her Spelling test with words ending in -y (cry, my, crazy, lady, pony). She continued Familiar Quotations copywork.

2nd gr:
She learned subtraction with renaming (regrouping, borrowing), and how to check her answers by turning it into an addition problem. Spelling was review. In Reading, she always reads several stories ahead of her workbook, so we did several pages orally to catch up to the latest story. She learned cursive k and r in Handwriting. English: verb tenses (past & now), irregular verb tenses.

We toured the local Fire Station and learned about fire safety. At home,the kids wrote about fire safety and made up an escape plan. Grandma brought birthday presents early, which was a bookbag they can color and a Make & Believe Storybook Kit. The kids spent the next 2 days writing stories:)

Now stays awake longer,plays with her hands, munches on her thumb, smiles, coos, and giggles. She fights sleep so she can stay up and socialize.

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