Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekly Review

Co-op started Friday! Our classes were:

6yo: Peter Rabbit, All About Me (human body), Hero Classics (famous people in history), and Lego Robotics
8yo: Odyssey of the Mind, Lego Robotics, Dance / Drama, and Choir

Here's what we accomplished in our school:

3rd grade/8 yo:
5-min Math Facts: multiplying 0's, 1's, 2's
Math: telling time to the minute, before/after (minute), calendar, quarter to/quarter after.
Reading: some story about Ben Franklin I think?
English: Verbs, Verb Present-tense
Spelling: double consonant words (candy, plenty, thirty, etc.)
Copywork: Familiar Quotations

2nd grade/6yo:
5-min Math Facts: adding 0's, 1's, 2's, 3's
Math: Measurement (temperature, ounces, cups/pints/quarts/gallons)
Reading: Billy Sunday, consonant blends in workbook
English: Nouns
Spelling: words that end in ss, ff, ll, zz
Handwriting: learned cursive f and reviewed previously learned letters

Kids also worked on:
Writing: Wrote for our Time Capsule, wrote a letter to g'pa for G'parents Day, narration/dictation from WWE Year 2 Week 1.
English songs: noun, verb, pronoun, adjective
Began AWANA (Bible memorization program)
Science (reviewing past lessons on chemistry)
Watched Clash of the Gods: Medusa, and Clash of the Titans (movie from 1981) in continuing our Greek myth studies.

We schooled for 3 days, but it was a full 3 days:)

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Lisa said...

You got a lot done! WTG! Hope we can get S and Z to sync their friendship needs. lol