Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Review 9/14-18

We took a field trip to Van Hoosen Farm Museum on Thursday. The kids were able to experience what life was like for children living on a farm in the olden days. Photos above - I also have friends' photos in the mix. It was easier to do it that way than to clean and sort the photos:) My kids are the ones with the matching haircuts, LOL.

Monday was a school day plus a Writing Workshop for homeschool parents that evening. Tuesday was Georgyana's last eye dr appt for a long time - her premature eyes are now fully developed, and she won't need to see an eye dr for 6 months! Wednesday was our dog's grooming appt (so 2 full trips - back and forth - phew!!), Georgyana's 4mth checkup, and AWANA night. It was a full day in the car. Thursday was the field trip. Friday was the vet appt and a quick trip to the library, and then school. We had 2 days of book work and 1 field trip = 3 days of school this week.

3rd grade:
In Math, the 8yo finished the chapter on telling time, and started measurement (ounces/pounds). In English, she practiced past-tense verbs. She did 2 reading assignments and Familiar Quotation copywork assignments this week. For Writing, she wrote her own narration of the Aesop story, the Fox and the Grapes.

2nd grade:
In Math, she worked on measurements (cups/pints/quarts/gallons), and inches. In Reading, she read about Billy Sunday and practiced comprehension and the aw sound in her workbook. She is continuing cursive handwriting with a review section in the book. In English, she is learning about nouns, and plural nouns.


Rhonda said...

Wow, you've had a busy week-but you know that. :)
The field trip looks like lots of fun.
Your kids are cuties (I was able to pick them out.)
Have a great week-end.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun place to visit. I vaguely remember it from a field trip I took my class to years and years ago.

cyn said...

Wow- sounds like a very fun, productive week!

~Byn There said...

VanHoosen Farm is a very cool trip, I remembering doing it with my boys and Alexandra too. They have ol' time baseball games there during the summer too, haven't caught one yet but I'd like too.

Peace, grace, and restful nights to you!