Monday, September 14, 2009

The Week Ahead

A friend of mine does a weekly preview on her blog and I thought it was a great idea! So here is mine:

On Sunday: I worked from 1pm - 12am and finally finished that 90+ page web site rough draft. Oh, I'm achey and tired!!

Monday: Homeschool Writing Workshop for parents
Tuesday: Georgyana's last - yes, LAST - eye dr appt with the preemie specialist. Now she should graduate to a regular pediatric optomologist. I'm hoping to find one close to home.
Wednesday: Take 3 kids + 1 dog to L.O., drop the dog off at the groomers, take Georgyana to the pediatrician for the 4mth checkup. Go home. Go back to L.O. to pick the dog up and then rush home to get kids to AWANA. Fun day.
Thursday: field trip to an old farm / museum. Kids will learn what it was like living in the olden days.
Friday: dog goes to the vet
Saturday: visit my husband's aunt & grandma, see their new house.

I also need to do: school, make changes & get the final web site done, catch up on laundry (have not done any laundry for 1.5 weeks since I started the web project), and try to catch up on sleep. I'm also getting a cold, yuck. So add - swallow large quantities of vitamin C to my list.

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~Byn There said...

I think you need to add a regualar nap time for mom and kids...daily. Good luck with all you have to do this week, mine is going to be insane as well with all our sports activities. We'll have to purpose to both find our strength in HIM! Gg is looking great btw.