Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I'm having the kind of day that would make St. Francis of Assisi kick babies."
-Douglas Adams (I believe this was from one of the Dirk Gently books...)

A day in the life of...

7:45am Baby wakes me with smiles. We go downstairs, nurse, & I begin the 92-pg web site.
9:30am I rock! Got half of my work goal done for the day. Hollar for kids to make their breakfast, send dh out the door for work.
10am made important phone call (dental insurance), sent kids to mailbox
10:15am kids snuck off upstairs, drag them down for school.
11am 8yo finishes up 2 subjects and convinced me to give them a snack break
11:15am Snack break. 6yo is tossing chips into the air for 8yo to catch, but lands on the floor. 8yo is angry because she keeps trying to catch her snack, but isn't getting any. Chips are all over the floor. I yell & insist they pick them up. They can't, there's spiders!
11:45am The floor is still a mess, but got most of it cleaned up. Heading back to school. But wait! The 6yo has to use the bathroom. I nurse the baby for the 10th time today & assist the 8yo.
6yo yells - "The poop rag stuck to the wall! I need help!" I'm thinking, "What on earth? This can't be happening..."

I enter the bathroom, and there it is - high on the wall is a toilet paper wad, poop side stuck to the wall. You see, the 6yo is afraid of clogging toilets. If she puts the tp in the toilet, it might clog and she's not quite done with it yet. So...sitting on the toilet, she aims her tp wad for the garbage sitting on the sink, but misses. The tp wad sails up through the air and sticks to the side of the wall. I start to yell, but...seeing that wad on the wall sends me into hysterics. I die laughing. The 6yo is instructed to climb on the sink, remove said wad to the toilet, and clean the wall.

I continued to work with the 8yo, while the 6yo cleaned. The 6yo comes back down and so I bounce between them, baby now a permanent fixture on my chest. In fact, I keep trying to put the baby down in the crib, but within a very short time, she's up and screaming and only calmed by one thing...and it's NOT the pacifier.

1:30pm We're reading our science book, but the 6yo had snuck off and started reading her Reading Textbook, which she refuses to put down. Sigh. Well, it's still school, so instead of arguing, I allow her to read her textbook, while the 8yo and I read Science. The science book mentions that atoms are neither created nor destroyed. So I say, "I think this relates to nuclear power, let's find out!" and the 8yo says, "nooooo...." and heads off to the bathroom (sheesh).
2pm we are finished with school. We start to gather supplies for co-op tomorrow, but someone destroyed the package of colored pencils (and that is my #1 pet peeve...even more than poopy tp on my wall! The senseless destruction of office products).
2:30pm Supplies are mostly gathered. Baby nurses (of course), kids run off to play. The house is totally trashed. But at least it's quiet in here! I still need to run to the store for diapers (almost out!), make kids lunch, finish getting co-op stuff together, and complete my work goal for the day. My house is begging to be cleaned, so maybe we'll try to do a quick pick up in each room.

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Anonymous said...

This has me in hysterics! LOL Oh, the familiarity of it all... even the weird poopy tp messes.
Your girls are too cute! That little baby will be big before you know it - my premie is now almost taller than me at 13 yrs. old.

From 'arcticmom' on the WTM forum