Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School Review

First Day of School

We've technically already started school, but have been slowly adding in subjects. We did some things different today, because it is the First Day of Public School in Michigan.

3rd grade
Math: telling time to the minute, time elapsed
Spelling: Week 22 words with double consonants in the middle (sixty, candy). Pretest on Spelling City.com and games.

2nd grade
Reading: consonant blends, write how you can help people, story comprehension (Samuel and God calling his name)
Spelling: words that end in ss, ff, ll, zz. Spelling City.com pretest and games
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears Cursive learned letter "f"

We watched President Obama's speech to school children, and reviewed what he spoke about. I took narrations of what they remembered from his speech. We talked about setting educational goals. Then, we wrote about this for our first day of school time capsule. I asked the kids to write one thing they like, one thing they hope to learn this year, one thing they would like to do in life, and then pick one favorite thing to write down (color, animal, whatever you want!). They wrote it themselves (I helped with spelling), and then we shared eachother's writing. Then I sealed it up in an envelope with the directions to Not Open Until June 2010.

We ended our school day with a quick 5 minute timed Math Fact Practice. Alaithia's (3rd gr) practice was multiplying 1s and 0s. Zoiya's (2nd gr) practice was adding 0s, 1s, & 2s. They completed 50 problems in less than 5 minutes.

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Lisa said...

Good ideas for the time capsule! Lots to think about...