Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Review - Aug 3- 7

We managed 3 days of school last week. Tuesday was Georgyana's every-2-weeks eye exam. Three more left to go, and then she has to see a pediatric optomologist. Here is a slideshow of kids - you may need to click on it to see the captions (but I don't really know until I try it myself!)

3rd grade:
Learning about Division in Math. Somehow, backwards thinking is really hard. We have the same troubles when dealing with subtraction. We've been practicing with Cheerios & chocolate chips. We started the Letter Writing chapter in Grammar/Writing. She did a skill station day in Reading - working on character motivations within stories. She is also continuing copywork from Familiar Quotations, and writing these in cursive.

2nd grade:
Started double digit addition in Math. She began the story writing chapter in Grammar/Writing. She answered some comprehension questions in Reading (Little Bug story). She added "p" to her cursive letters and began writing sentences in cursive.

The Baby:
Coo'ing and smiling, especially during the morning hours when she is wide awake for a couple of hours. I call it "play time". Still trying to get rid of thrush, but seems to keep coming back, argh!

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