Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Review Aug 24-28

Here is our week in review...
3rd Grade
Below, my 8yo did the Problem Solving station, which involved filling in a multiplication/division puzzle. This was hard, but we worked on it together. She spent most of the week on mult/div, took the chapter test, and started the chapter on Telling Time.

She also did 2 weeks of spelling (scored 100% on week 19's pretest, so we moved on to week 20). We started Writing, using Writing With Ease as our guide. We did a little copywork & narration from Year 1, and Year 2 this week.

2nd grade:
In math, the 6yo worked on Addition with Renaming. She applied this to money (pennies, dimes), and also practiced estimation with adding (shown below). And yes, the kids write "help" on their pages when they want me to help them. I don't know why. It is a reoccuring theme, so you'll be seeing a lot of this throughout the year:)

She started 2nd grade spelling. Week 1 was a review of consonant and vowel sounds.
The 6yo also participated in Writing With Ease activities for Years 1 and 2. I'll probably start them both somewhere in Year 2. We also started a new subject: English songs. Every day we sang BJU's English songs for Nouns, Verbs, and Pronouns. I'm still trying to figure out the tune to Adjectives...
We've been studying ancient Greek myths. The 8yo has read 2 stories told from Hades' point of view - Have a Hot Time, Hades and Phone Home, Persephone. These stories are written by the same author as Dragon Slayer Academy. We've also been watching a series on TV called Clash of the Gods. So far, we've watched Zeus, Hercules, Hades, and The Minotaur. I've skipped through the occasional section because there is a lot themes in Greek mythology! I've been tying some of these myths into the world that the early Christian church lived in, and reoccuring themes such as the flood, heaven/hell, etc.
The baby is having some days of constant wakefulness/nursing, and alternate days of sleeping. Yesterday was a sleepy day. She actually slept in her crib for over an hour. This is a rare occurance. It was nice. I cleaned my house and did laundry. Then the girls had a friend over to play. The baby slept blissfully on and off through most of it.


krazzymommy said...

I loved sleepy days!

Sounds like your kids are doing great!

cyn said...

Sounds like a productive week.
Enjoy those "sleepy" days!