Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Review

We won a 110CC ATV from for 6 cents (plus shipping costs, but a really great deal!) Here are some photos. The last 3 are of Alaithia (the 8yo), who rides it the most. For some reason, the 6yo (Zoiya) doesn't have a photo, but she's been riding it, too!

3rd grade:
Started Division in Math, plural possessives in English (sisters', children's, etc.), and read a fictional journal about Lewis & Clark in Reading (but it was based on true events). Reached page 100 in Familiar Quotations copywork. Taking a break from Spelling this summer.

2nd grade:
Telling time, quarter to/quarter after, calendar in Math - she really caught on to telling time by the end, which I thought was difficult. Subject & Action parts in sentences, fragments, and different types of sentences in English. Syllable division, open & closed syllables in Reading. She decided she wanted to pick back up on the cursive handwriting and can now write c, a, d, g, & h in cursive (she loves it suddenly!)

On Wednesday, took her into the dr for the return of Thrush:( She weighed a whopping 7 lbs 9 oz!!!! Just 3 weeks ago, she was 6 lbs 2 oz - that's a 1 lb 7 oz gain in just 3 weeks. She is starting to smile & coo, but it looks more like this -
waaahh, grumble grumble, smile & coo, grumble, waaaahhh in a span of 20 seconds. Or sometimes it is -
waaaaaah, giggle & coo, waaaaaahhhh, in a span of 10 seconds. Here is a slideshow of Georgyana looking rather Elfin in that hat:

And since the poor 6yo has been sadly neglected in these photos, here is a photo I found of Zoiya eating breakfast:

Extra: the girls had a sleepover Thurs night and should be coming back here soon, tired and grumpy, LOL. I'm sure they had a great time, and I especially enjoyed the peace, quiet, and lack of bickering.


LLLAcademy said...

The baby is soo cute! It sounds like a great week of school!

Paige said...

What a great find, good job mom! Looks like you had a fun week! They baby is adorable, thanks for sharing.

krazzymommy said...

You guys have really dived into the year - sounds great!


Lisa said...

The ATV is great! Looks like a ton of fun! We've checked out that bid site. Have you bought anything else there?

And OMG you are STILL DOING SCHOOL! I bow at your feet!