Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Review

I have to preface this Weekly Review with this: Oh, my goodness, I think I'm going crazy!!! LOL. But little things like showers and naps help bring some of my sanity back:)

3rd gr:
has gotten a bit lazy on her independent work, so Mom had to come in and straighten some things out. Finishing up the multiplication chapter in Math, learning plural nouns & abbreviations in English, and read a retelling of William Tell in Reading with a focus on descriptive words in her workbook. She continues to work through Familiar Quotations.

2nd gr:
having an overall Really Hard Time not being the baby anymore. She loves her lil sis dearly & loves to cuddle her - but the Mother-Daughter relationship has exploded and shrapnel is landing everywhere. It's a war zone. Working on telling time in Math, subjects (Nouns) and types of sentences in English, and reading several stories ahead in Reading, while trying to remember the details of past stories for her workbook (ugh!). We started Handwriting Without Tears Cursive, but decided to put it on hold, as some of our explosions were a result of this book (Handwriting WITH Tears).

Expert in nursing, full time field work.
Provoking Mom's sanity during car trips (WAAAAHHH!).
And overall, just wanting to be held and cuddled all. the. time.
The every 2 weeks eye exam on Tuesday went very well. Her eyes are immature but developing, just as they should be.

The girls had evening Soccer Camp last week and had a blast. It is a church's annual VBS, so they incorporate Bible lessons with the soccer drill. They always learn great soccer skills during this week long camp. They were also taught from Answers in Genesis, which they talked about at great length and absorbed like a sponge, especially the 6yo. I don't think I really agree with Answers in Genesis, and have realized that I'm not really sure how to handle all of the different teachings our kids receive at different churches. I get tired of squashing my kids enthusiasm for what they've learned at church, but I can see where some of these ideas come from and just don't agree with them. Or, I don't think it's the only way to look at things. Any tips???

We cleaned the upstairs and made it shine this week. I was hoping to do this weekly, but I don't think we're going to be able to put in this much work. The goal was to do the whole house, and we only completed half of it. The baby gets "worn" by me in her Maya Wrap sling. Exhausting!

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