Friday, July 24, 2009

Can learning be FUN?

I've noticed a common theme amongst homeschool moms...

Many of us homeschool because we want our children to have an education that excels beyond what our children would receive in a public school.

But many of us homeschooling moms soon feel that our school lacks the element of "fun". Why else would we read so many books and try so many curricula? We want our kids to learn, but we want them to really delve in and ENJOY it. I often hear moms say that they really want to instill the "love of learning" in their children.

Some moms implement "Unschooling", "Relaxed Schooling", "Delight Led" or "Child Led" learning. This works well for some families, and yet others decide that it didn't meet the personal goals that were important to them. Some moms put in oodles of hours, or big bucks (or both) to create a hands-on laboratory of learning adventures, only to find that they are exhausted, burnt-out, and have yet to capture an eager and attentive audience.

Here's what we know:

If a child is excited or interested in something, the learning happens naturally & sticks.
Repetition is an important aspect of making learning stick. But drill is dull.
We homeschool because we do not want the public school environment (or methods) for our children.

So...for those of us non-unschooling types (huh? is that a word?) what is the answer? How do we provide repetition for things to sink in? How do we provide an education that outshines the public school system? And how do we get our children excited about learning? How do we facilitate this as homeschool moms, without killing or seriously maiming ourselves in the process?

Does anyone have the secret? If so, please share!

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Georgiana said...

I do so wish I had a secret! WHen we hs'd our oldest during middle school, part of what made it "fun" for her was going HER pace, and tailoring each subject to her learning style--very hands-on, tactile learner. Drill was not part of our program.

With the kidlets, I'll have to wait and see. We're just starting K this year, and Pre-K for youngest. Probably a lot of field trips ;)