Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wish List (Things I Need)

UPDATE: Georgyana is now 7 lbs 9 oz & growing quickly! I expect she'll outgrow the newborn size clothing & size 1 diapers soon, so here is an update on needed sizes:
Size 0-3mths sleepers
Size 0-3mths layettes (they are like sleepers but have the bottom open for easy diaper changes)
Size 2 diapers - she still fits in size 1, depending on the brand, but I think we'll be moving into size 2 soon!!
I still need the items listed below, but wanted to update size needs.

**Used items are welcome**

It's difficult to guess exactly what size clothing I will need when, but I think Georgyana is growing very well, so I will try to project what sizes she'll be in, when

Cute outfits (the girlier, the better! LOL)

August - Sept 0-3mos, light long sleeved warm weather clothing, light long sleeved sleepers - I especially need lightly warm clothes, such as long sleeved sleepers that aren't heavy. It's been a cold summer & we don't get to use all the cute hot season clothes very much.
Oct, Nov - 3-6 mos, cool, fall clothing
Dec, Jan, Feb - 6-9mos, cold winter clothing
Mar, Apr, May - 9-12mos?, cold winter clothing

hooded bath towels
wash cloths

Spit Up, Burping Equipment
This kid spits up something terrible, so anything that can be used to catch spit up! LOL.
Cloth diapers
Terry cloth spit up cloths
Boppy Pillow Cover (it's a cover that goes over my boppy pillow, costs about $10), my boppy gets covered in spit up:)

Floor Playmat with the arches & dangly toys
Bouncy seat with vibration
dangly toys that attach to the car seat
note: already picked up a swing - I was desperate!

Size 1 diapers (she is now fitting these quite well! Although Kroger brand & Whisper something from Meijer with the lamb on it are TOO SMALL. I like Meijer's Dry Babies brand, which is cheap & a good size for now.)
Lansinoh Brand Diaper Rash cream

I would like to try cloth diapering, but it's hard to muster up the courage to buy them, LOL. But if I did try cloth diapering, here is what I would buy:
Chinese or Indian Prefolds in Newborn size (or Infant - whatever size matches the length of the covers)
Bummis Super Brite Cloth Diaper covers in Newborn size in cute colors, or Bummis Super Whisper Wraps Newborn
Baby monitor (if you have a used working one you want to get rid of, pass it along!)

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~Byn There said...

Are you opposed to good condition second hand items? I saw some really cute stuff at the second hand store in Grosse Pointe by my mom's house. I'll be back there Monday I'll get some stuff. I love to buy girlie stuff since I have so many boys.