Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekly Review

Everything is just slower with an infant. Case in point: it took me 2 days to make zucchini muffins (and the zucchini was already shredded). It was taking so long, I had to have my 8yo finish the project. But we're putzing along.

3rd grade:
learning great skills in team leadership & motivation, housekeeping, cooking, and other domestic skills. Also learning how to love and comfort a baby, and how to change a diaper. In Math, she's learning multiplication & multiplication strategies. As usual with BJU, it starts off slow and conceptual before moving to the more abstract. Right now, its very conceptual and she finds it very easy. With her Familiar Quotations copywork, she's reading great stuff by great thinkers:) It's amazing the things that come up in every day conversation that stem from these famous quotations. We're applying these ideas to our own opinions and finding references to them in books & movies. How cool is that? In English, she had to write game instructions. She chose "Tag" as her game. Her daddy helped her develop this into a well written thought-out paper. Under my tutelage, the original paper said something like "tag someone and run away from them", LOL. But now it is a well developed paragraph. Now she's back to learning Grammar in English, which she is much happier with (she hates writing assignments). Spelling has been non-existent, because it really takes sooo much consistency from me, which isn't happening right now. She continues to make progress in Reading - she finished reading a play, and then she and her sister divvied up the lines and performed it.

1st/2nd grade
She learned how to ride a bike without training wheels (woohoo!). She is also learning the fine art of housekeeping, diaper changing, and putting a pacifier into a crying baby's mouth. Math was about subtraction strategies and reviewing addition strategies (making 10s out of 9's, etc.). For Reading, she has picked stories out of her Disney Princesses book. Handwriting has her copying full poems now. English & Phonics has been a hodge-podge of review (its the last unit of 1st gr). I need to order her 2nd gr LA books but have been dreading it. My little girl that used to be so motivated and excited to do her schoolwork has become frustrated, snippy, and whiney. I think its a stage. I remember her big sis going thru this. It isn't any easier the 2nd time thru! Favorite phrases include: "I can't do it" and "it's too hard". In every day life, words frequently used are: "that hurt my feelings", "you're being mean," "it's not fair," and "I never get to do that, but she always does". Lots of heartbroken crying ensues. If anyone has a way to deal with it, let me know. I'm at a total loss!

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