Monday, June 1, 2009

First pediatric appt

Above are photos of the older girls with their baby sister. The baby always looks bigger in photos, for some reason. Those that see photos and then see the real thing often comment about this.
At her first pediatric appt, Georgyana weighed 4lbs 1oz. She is gaining well! We've had some rough nights, but last night went better. I think the house was too cold for her, and when we cranked up the heat, we had a better night. Also, the hospital left me terrified of SIDS by telling me not to swaddle her or put a hat on her, and this was contributing to her heat loss. She was uncomfy and waking up seeking a bottle and cuddling for comfort. Once we turned up the heat, put a hat on her head, and swaddled her up, we had a much better night (she slept in 2.5-3hr intervals). I still have to get up to pump breastmilk, so her 3hrs = 1hr feeding + 30 mins pumping + cleaning of supplies, so it greatly reduces the amt of time I can enjoy sleeping...but it's better than no sleep!! She is also a very noisy sleeper: she squeeks, squeals, screeches. I'm trying to learn to sleep through all of those sounds.
I'm having bouts with the baby blues - but this has more to do with sleep (or lack thereof). When I get an hour of sleep here and there, then I end up a much cheerier person. When I miss out on sleep, I'm pretty weepy. Amazing how sleep makes such a big difference! I'll try to update everyone as I can, but my days (and nights!) are very full.


MICHELE said...


your girls are just beautiful! what a wonderful summer for all of you!


amyhusted said...

Sarah, I had postpartum depression with my first (Devin) and then when I had Gabriel I made sure I wasn't going to go through that again. I started taking a B-Complex and wow, did I feel better, like a whole different person. I wish I had it with Devin. You know that the baby takes a lot of that from you in utero so it's not unusual to feel weepy especially with the lack of sleep. Just a thought.