Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Review

The kids have mostly been doing their work independently. I still need to check over their books to see what they've been doing this week, lol.

On Wednesday, I felt very worn out, and ended up taking a few cat naps throughout the day. The kids were troopers and sat down at the table to do their schoolwork while I rested. Thurs & Friday, the kids did school during Daddy's watch, while I made the long trip to NICU.

3rd grade:
In Math, the 8yo finished the chapter on Graphs. Still need to check her work! In English, she finished the chapter on subjects/predicates, run-ons, fragments, types of sentences, compound sentences, etc. She completed a few Reading assignments. With her Familiar Quotations copywork, she read/copied sentences from people like Aesop and Lao-Tzu, which we also discussed. Her Spelling words were all CVC + ed, er, or est. We have not tested on the words yet, but I'm sure she'll do well.

1st grade:
In Math, she reviewed addition strategies. For Reading, she read about 10 pages per day of Capyboppy (it has lots of hard words and I wonder how much of those hard words she actually understood, but she did a great job reading). In English/Phonics, she is on the last unit, and so there is a lot of review. She worked in her Handwriting book all week, except today, because they couldn't find the book, so she wrote me a nice letter instead. She practiced her Spelling words on, but we haven't done the test.

We haven't done much science or history, but I think we can be excused under the circumstances. Right now, its all sort of Bonus School.

As for me, my blood pressure keeps coming down, and we keep decreasing the level of the meds. Yay!

Georgyana is up to 3lbs 5.6 oz. As of last night, she took all her feeds by bottle, and if she can keep it up for a full 24hrs, then they will remove the gavage tube from her nose (yay!). Yesterday, her stomach was really bloated from gas, but it seems to have resolved itself today. She was much happier today. I held her for a few hours today and fed her by bottle - there were a few times that she was awake and alert.

Before the neonatologist will let Georgyana go home, she has to take all of her feeds by bottle for 48 hrs, and she has to be in a regular crib for 48 hours.


melanie said...

Thank you for the update! I always check every day to see how you are doing. It sounds like your sweet pea is doing wonderful! Each day can seem so long and progress can be forward and then backwards though... I remember it taking forever for the twins to get home and it was only 10 or 11 days. Still, it's hard to be balancing yourself between the hospital, and your little ones at home, and recovering from childbirth/surgery. You must be so tired.

I admire you for keeping up with your homeschooling. Don't fall into the perfectionism trap and think that you 'have' to finish the year. Nothing bad will happen if you take a month off right now. The beauty of homeschooling. Only you really knows whats best though, and I can see how keeping up a routine with the big girls could be helpful for keeping everything as 'normal' as it can be.

I'm still praying for you!

Lisa said...

Glad G is doing better!

~Byn There said...

Praying that 48 hours stretch comes soon and blood pressure normalizes.