Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Review

Been awhile since a good weekly review:) So here it is!

We fit school in there somewhere, a few times this week.

Monday: The kids did school at Grandpa & Uncle's house. They got up early and got it all done before 9:30am so that they could play. I came home from the hospital that morning, but I can't really remember what I did, lol (maybe it was the magnesium sulfate affecting my brain).

Tuesday: did some school, went to the hospital to visit Georgyana, and then stopped by great-grandma & great aunt's house.

Wednesday: husband went to work and I took it easy - was still worried about my blood pressure. I did school with the kids, made lunch & breakfast, but mostly took it easy.

Thursday: took the day off of school to run errands, go to a dr appt, & a hospital run.

Friday: full day of school and we cleaned the main family rooms together (kitchen, dining room, living room & did some laundry).

3rd grade:
In Math, the 8yo finished her chapter on subtraction with renaming with double renaming in the tens place (not sure what that is called). She started the chapter on reading graphs (easy!). In English, she is learning about types of sentences and combining sentences with "and". She did a Skill Station Day in Reading and read a 2-day story, with comprehension questions. For Familiar Quotations, she is reading/copying quotations from people I've never heard of before (I think they must be Greek writers/philosophers - she finished the section on Homer, but the other guys don't sound familiar to me). We finished a Spelling word list that I think we've been working on for the past 3 weeks and can't remember if we actually finished it 3 weeks ago, but now it is officially finished! yay! lol. It was CVC + ing words and CVCe + ing words. She scored 100%.

1st/2nd grade:
In Math, the 6yo is revisiting addition strategies (1st grade review in the 2nd gr book). In Spelling, we had the same issue as above - still had a list of words from 3 weeks ago to finish. In Reading, I have not ordered the new 2nd gr books yet, so she just grabs a book from the shelf and reads to me (she loves this!). In English/Phonics, it has been reviewing phonics skills, teaching about describing words, and -er -est words (comparing 2 items or more than 2). She continues to progress through her Handwriting book.


Lisa said...

You AMAZE me! Schoolwork getting accomplished! Just wow! Hoping you are feeling much better now!

Anonymous said...

I guess, it's good you're still schooling. But hey, don't forget that you do home school for a reason. If you need the break, you are allowed to take it.

Ask me- my kids are done for the year-whether or not we finished.


~Byn There said...

Glad to hear your keeping things together but remember not to push yourself. Peace and abundant blessing to your whole family!